About Us

Since December 1st 2018, Arnoud van der Klis, Marjanne Riemens and their daughter Anne are the proud new owners of Seven Fountains Farm. With becoming the new owners of Seven Fountains Farm they made a dream come true in the country they love and where they have been traveling for many years.

Seven Fountains Farm was restored to its former glory and reopend in September 2017, 300 years after it was built. By restoring the old buildings and reopening the guesthouse, Seven Fountains Farm has become a great addition for tourism and has created jobs in the Makana municipality and the Frontier Country. The guesthouse welcomes guests from all over the world, who want to experience the unique atmosphere. Seven Fountains Farm has become a well-known name in the area in a short period of time. People from Makhanda (Grahamstown), Port Alfred, Kenton on Sea and even Port Elizabeth come for dinners and Sunday lunch.

The owners have a passionate commitment to social responsibility. Arnoud van der Klis: “We try to use as much local sources as possible. This means that we try to farm what we can, buy fresh ingredients for the restaurant from our neighbours and pump our own drinkable water through solar power. Seven Fountains Farm is an eco-friendly guesthouse. We want to reduce our carbon footprint by using solarpower, collecting rainwater and reducing waste. We also started Dutch African Badger, to give an opportunity to children who live in a township in Cape Town, to explore nature.”

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